3D Assets & Level Development/Team Management

When I was working at Sony Online I was part of the Environment team on the game "The Agency". I lead a team of artists and collaborated with designers and programmers on the creation and delivery of several levels. This is the 2010 E3 trailer.

Vic bonilla map comparison

Before and After form top of Triad Building

Vic bonilla map process

Documented process of level from grey-box to final assets

Vic bonilla buddah pagoda 2

Optimized the post-processing on this level

Vic bonilla omen globe room

Interior of control station on Cathedral PVP Map

Vic bonilla omen tower

Exterior of Cathedral PVP map. Worked closely with Tech Artists to create storm

Vic bonilla casino main floor

Interior of Casino PVP Map

Vic bonilla casino entrance a

Another Interior of Casino PVP Map

Vic bonilla nuke core

Interior of Nuclear Core. Optimized post-pricessing

Vic bonilla control room 2

Interior of hidden Nuke Core under Warehouse PVP Map

Vic bonilla a frame 1

Interior of Warehouse PVP Map

3D Assets & Level Development/Team Management

I managed several Artist and worked with Level Designers to implement various levels as well as creating 3D content for the unpublished title "The Agency" for Sony Online. All levels that I managed pushed the Unreal engine on the PS3 to it's limits with great success. All levels were finished on time and within budgets. I also lit each level under the guidance of the Art Lead.